The Trend-Setter Platform

In the new age of the Internet we feel that there is a need for a decentralised system that rewards users and customers for promoting, sharing and uploading content.

The Trend-Setter platform is a micro-transaction affiliate network reward platform targeted for businesses and individuals that utilize TELEX as the incentive for organic referrals.

Target Campaigns

•Games (milestone achievements, purchases)
•Subscriptions (new and referrals)
•Trials (online services, products)
•Downloads (Games, Demos, Software)
•Content (news, posts, blogs)
•Internet Deals
•YouTube (likes and views)
•Facebook & Instagram (share and like)
•Twitter (retweets, likes and follow)

How Trend-Setter Works

Step 1

Create a campaign to target your latest release of your new products, services or trials with the intended action you require and on which platform you wish to trend on.


Create a custom campaign through our pairing technology for the intended action/goal required (micro-transaction/achievement) within your own product or service life cycle.

Step 2

Assign a TELEX budget for your campaign and go live.

Step 3

Reward users with TELEX for being a Trend-Setter and undertaking your required action